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Dragon Ass Ball tickets on sale now (PayPal Only)


Buy 2018 DAB Tickets (below)

Note: At arrival - one form of ID required for entrance. Or if we know you - well probably just give ya the ole THUMBS UP, give you a hug and wave you in! :-) Either way you get a HUG! haha...

PayPal Tickets (only)

If purchased at PayPal, we will have your name on a master list at "Will Call". Please email us names for attendees if buying more than 1 ticket at a time.

DAB 2018 Tickets

If you buy Tickets via PayPal - upon completion - you will be redirected to Snafflz for completing your registration. These are separate tasks. If you buy your ticket direct - please click this link below to complete registration:



physical tickets

If you would just much rather do it "old school" avoiding the interweb - come see us. We will have limited amount of physical tickets available.

door tickets - $50

Honestly, we would prefer not to sell any door tickets! However, for those who just cant commit till the last minute - we would much rather have you join us than not. So this option is for you.




Line ups and throw-downs

DJ Line up:


Lots of muscial elixir to tantalize your senses.. very very soon!!

    2018 DJs - May 19th starting at 9pm to May 20th till 11am.

  • G.A.M.M.A.
  • Eliki
  • Ashley Ames
  • Mike Paz
  • Hydrolyphics
  • Freddy Silva
  • StatedLife
  • BiMEs iLL
  • benjam
  • Formless
  • DJ Lurid
  • Alek Smanja
  • Radar
  • DJ Recoil
  • Scotty Scribbles
  • Josh D

Request to DJ

Fire & Aerial Performance:

Last year's performers listed below (we are working on the 2018 list)

Claude The Dragon - TBD
Fire Society - Fire Spinners
Obtainium Works - Fire Spinners
eLUVate - Aerial Silks
Swords on Fire - TBD
Boom Sexy- Drumming Troop - Youtube Link >>
SKY Walker - Stilt Walkers

Wanna be a DAB Performer? Click Here

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ART Expose'

Collection of canvas, sculpture and fire!

Inside annex:


Metal Art by - ?
Dragon Heart by - Sunya & Debra
Neon Playground - by Mikey

Wanna bring inside art? Click here

Outside annex:


MatchStick - BWD
Claude the Dragon - by Gabe the Dragon Master
Metal Art - by Gabe the Dragon Master

Wanna bring outside art? click here

Art CaRs / Art bikes:


Turtle - Zoom Zoom
Playa Cruiser - Big Wave Dave?
Cluck Norris - Lucas' Big Boy Rooster?
New Incognito - Kathleen?

Wanna bring an Artcar? click here

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help make it great... participate!


It takes a village

Or in this case a bunch of like-minded peeps (all you Dragon Assers out there) to pull a fabulously decadent event togther like the second annual Dragon Ass Ball! So, if you would like to be part of the process and participate in making it happen - we welcome you with open arms! We have put together an on-line form to capture who would like to participate and in what capacity. Please take a moment to answer just a few short questions:


Volunteer Categories (Team Leaders - 2018 To Be Announced soon):

Art Expose (TBD)
Art Cars (Zoom Zoom)
Theme Camps (Zoom Zoom)
DJ's (Phoenix)
Vendors (Chris "Nova")
Entertainment (TBD)
Fire Performers (Steve "Tricky")
Infrastructure / Set Up (Chris "Nova")
Decorations (TBD)
Lighting (TBD)
Registration (TBD)
Greeters (TBD)
Security (Zoom)
Leave No Trace (TBD)

Art Cars / bikes


We really appreciate how great art cars and art bikes can imact the quality of our event.
So thanks so much to those of you who want to participate in this way! Link to sign up form below:


Want to bring your Art Car? Click here

Theme Camps


Although we have very limited space, having Theme camps with a cool theme or fun activity
really ads to the experience for everyone. So thanks so much to those of you who want to participate in this way! Link to sign up form below:

Flame Bar - Milo (?)
Feral's Neon - Chill Dome (?)
Coco's House - of Portraits and Massage! (?)
Take it or Leave it! - SWAG Exchange (?)

Want to Participate as a Theme Camp? Click here



Although we have very limited space, having Vendors provide food, costume clothing, lighting accessories and body art always makes it a better event!
So thanks so much to those of you who want to participate in this way! Last year's list shown - 2018 soon.. Link to sign up form below:


Party Swag

Event shirts

Guess What? We have some left over shirts from last year! They have no date so still very relevant! Here is a list of colors, sizes, etc we have in stock so please get one while you can.. Also, feel free to stop by the shop before the event if you like.. All shirts are now $10:

Men's Sizes
Please Note Style and color from list below

Men's Orange Tank   SM = 1 MD = 2 LG = 3 XL = 1
Men's Black Tank     MD = 3 LG = 6 XL = 1
Men's White Tank     MD = 2 LG = 1
Men's Orange TShirt     MD = 2 LG = 4  
Ladie's Red Tank   MD = 6 LG = 4
Ladie's Purple Tie Dye Tank   MD = 4  

Girls Sizes / Colors

Here's the new Tshirt we are doing this year($15):


Our World Famous DAB Therapeutic Cream.... something that will help take the edge off for "what ailes" you!
:-): Smells great and has some special properties..

And last but not least.... something new. We will be doing a killer dragon pendant necklace :-):
Feel free to preorder ($20)! Cheers..


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